Sunday, December 21, 2008

A&P Supermarket - Expired Food on Shelves - BITTER

It is becoming more and more common to find expired food on supermarket shelves these days. At my local A&P, on numerous occassions I've had to bring items to customer service because they were already expired. And these were not perishables. I'm talking about boxes of tea, bottles of mustard and things like that. Seriously, how many people check the expiration date on a box of tea bags?

I've been through the A&P in the middle of the night so I know that they have a whole bunch of people working stock, so I'm surprised I've personally found numerous instances of expired foods. There are tens of thousands of food items in a supermarket of which I would normally shop for less than 100. Imagine how many items are actually expired.

Because I've had to change brands due to my preference being expired, A&P gets a BITTER.


  1. I've had the same experience with my local A&P several times. They still had tainted dog food that was recalled years ago on their shelves, and I unknowingly fed it to my dogs, almost killing the older one.

    I wouldn't shop there at all except they are right behind my condo, so I pretty much use it as a convienience store for last minute items, but now I am sure to check the labels much more closely!

  2. I just want to add one more thing.. I found this blog while doing a Google search on A&P so I could write coporate with a complaint!!